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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Petition Against Resort Fees

Here is yet another way to express distaste for this practice.



I was happy to sign the petition.
The goal is to include the cost of the room in the listed price of the room with transparency.
No more wondering who pays them and who doesn't or which week they are optional and which they are not or which time they are implemented or not.
No more false advertising in emailed promotions and "sales".
No more false reporting by travel boards.
No more lies from discounters.
No more confusion about what a discounter low to high price search means.
No more wondering who is grandfathered in the resort fee price rises between booking and arriving.
No more letting newbies, inexperienced, or unsophisticated folks be tricked until check in.
No more having to have repeated phone conversations with hotel clerks who themselves are confused just to get the bottom line. The bottom line should be the top line.

The price of the room should be simple to understand with amenities all rolled up with whatever the hotel wants to call the basic booking price of the room. The buyer of the room ought to get the room for the stated price.
So let's get that to happen, if possible.


Anonymous said...

There are resort fee's charged all over the country.

You really think a Senator has the right to make hotels change the way they do business?

You only want to invited government into your business when you think it is better for you.

This is one of the most ignorant things I have seen so far this year.

Dewey said...

I would like to see them illegal in all parts of the country.

Of course government changes the way people do business. That is its function to govern.

I invite government to govern even when it is not in my interest.

If this is the most ignorant things you have seen so far, you have not seen much. Oh, "want to invited government" is pretty ignorant of the English language. Try not ignoring grammar when you compose. Your arguments will still be rather simplistic, but at least your expression of them will be lucid.