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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Booking blind (almost)

Both Hotwire and Priceline have a mechanism for booking based on price rather than the name of the hotel.
As far as I can tell Priceline does not say anything about resort fees.  That will be a surprise.
Hotwire however estimates the resort fee and tells us upfront that it will be charged by the hotel before we book it.
Also hotwire lists amenities so we can see if there is a casino offered by the hotel.
So searching for a deal and finding one downtown with a $6 estimated resort fee means that we have found the Goldspike.  No other hotel downtown charges a resort fee.
And while the estimated resort fee might not be total clue as to the hotel in question, it should narrow the choices.  I doubt a hotel with a $20 fee would be noted as having a $10 estimated fee.  Looking at amenities might also be a clue.  Some have wifi and some do not and some might have unique amenities like a paper.

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