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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tropicana is putting the fees upfront??


However, a call to reservations indicated that this must be limited marketing indeed.  The clerk knew nothing about it and told me all of the bookings she made added the ten dollar fee to the published price of rooms.  Their webpage listed the rates with no mention whatsoever of resort fees.

Here is my letter to them:

I read that in some of your recent marketing you have bundled the resort fee charge upfront in the advertised price.  I applaud this transparency and hope it catches on.
However, when I went to search out what that meant to share it with my community of Vegas loving friends, I found a website that kept the existence of the resort fee hidden even from the fine print, and when I called the reservations clerk said she had no knowledge of any marketing where the fee was no added on the advertised price.
This is deceptive, adding 25% to the cost of the nights I was considering booking.
I am hoping future marketing is simple and transparent.  It would be fine to have one hotel in your location of the strip that played straight with us.  

And here is what I was thinking:

t has totally confused the booking process because we can't tell what the real price of the room is until checkout. Tropicana does have an opportunity as a new entity to take the Harrah's position, drop the fees, and advertise that they are the only casino in their neighborhood doing that.  However, there just must be enough new visitors who are not savy that this will be added to the bill to make the hidden fee  profitable.  
What confuses me is that these are not usual tourist hotels where folks may visit once in a lifetime.  Each casino hotel already has built in trickery to take our money.  They used to understand that making sure people did not feel like fools would give them return business and they'd get their taste in the slots.
They give away free alcohol.  We can easily drink in a day the $10 resort fee in alcohol.  Why not make us feel good about our booking.  Folks who book when this fee is completely hidden or even when it is in fine print come away feeling like they have been fooled.  Casinos used to want to send us away as losers, but with some self respect left.  Jackie Gaughn knew that and built a casino empire on that value.  he was always striving to keep them happy and keep them coming back.  How does it feel I wonder to leave more than the gambling budget at the Tropicana and then come home to pay attention to the bills and find the hotel cost more than we booked?  And especially how does it feel for those who are not savy travelers paying attention to details.  If I were Vegas, I'd want the less than savy traveler to come and come again, feeling comfortable that I was taking good care to house, feed, water, entertain so whatever they lost in the slot was lost without regret. I would not want them saying to their friends, "Well, I'm never going to do that again.  First I lost on the gambling and then I lost on the fine print.  What a bunch of crooks!"


And here is one of those standard answers:

Mr. Hill,

          I apologize for any confusion this article may have caused. The resort fee is included in the price of this particular promotion only. However, we have added the daily WiFi as an inclusion of the resort fee, saving about $13.00 per day for our guests.

Nicole Marshall
Guest Experience Manager
Tropicana Las Vegas
3801 Las Vegas Boulevard South | Las Vegas, NV | 89109
o: 702.739.3640 |  e: nmarshall@troplv.com

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