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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Permission to copy parts of this blog

Just drop me a note and ask.  I am easy.  I will ask you to just add a link to the source for most material.


Anonymous said...

So far, as an infrequent, but comp'd visitor (mainly at Sam's Town), there have not been resort fees added. If I used my players card and/or book a 'discounted' offer, then the fees do apply (i.e. - I did try a night at Main Street Station- minimal or no fees, as I recall, but Gold Coast and Orleans each now charge the fees, even if staying on a discounted players card rate). Also - tournament offers (non-comp'd) with minimal entry fee (usually $99 with 3 night stays) at Orleans/GC also add on the daily fee, so it is more like $140+ after fees and taxes... Martin
PS- I think I have played poker with you many yrs ago at the Edgewater room in Laughlin, and maybe at the CBelle....I enjoy your blogs.

Dewey said...

Thanks Martin. Perhaps we have played together. I hope to get out to Laughlin on my next trip in December. They are a real bargain now that resort fees have boosted up the prices. My latest Laughlin trip was posted in the Vegas Blog
If you scroll past the Red Rock entries there a few mentioning Laughlin.