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Friday, July 30, 2010

Open letter to a Las Vegas Hotel Discounts newsletter

It is fine to publish deals, but what good are they when resort fees are not even mentioned.  The prices can't be counted on.  One must memorize a list of resort fees or call to find them.  At least there should be a disclaimer at the top or the announcement that the dollar amounts listed are artificially deflated because resort fees from $10-20 reduce  the value of the sale.  
Not to do this makes media an accomplice in the bait and switch fine print trick of the fees and encourages more hotels to use them to circumvent being accurately advertised.


We always appreciate constructive criticism, so thanks for the feedback. I do not currently have any changes planned for how we list our deals. However, if I can find a way to easily track hotels like Aria and Paris that do not charge resort fees, I may try and add the words "No Resort Fees" when listing a deal at a no resort fee hotel. It's probably the least that hotels beating the no resort fee drum deserve. 

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