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Monday, December 14, 2009

Treasure Island offer with waived fees and my letter in response


Resort Fees and the Essential 1 offer‏
From: dewey 
Sent: 2/11/10
To: ti-general@treasureisland.com; ti-casino-marketing@treasureisland.com

This is a tempting offer to see how we liked the TI with friends going and inviting us to join them with these nice rates.
We appreciate that resort fees would be waived too.  A nice touch.  It would have been considerate to save me a phone call and put that information in the offer.  Makes a good bit of difference on what we actually pay, so booking is now much more of a hassle while we make the call to see really what it costs to stay with you.

Also we have heard too many stories of the fees popping up again through paperwork snafus, and we  just don't feel comfortable having to ask again at check out if they pop up on the bill, and perhaps  call for a manager or host before we can leave for the airport.

Why not just always put them in the bill in the first place?  Then when we book, we get only one amount and there is no need to recheck anything?

Harrah's does that.  One billing.  They are close enough that we can stay there and still meet up with friends or have them come over and play where we stay. So we'll wait for the simplified billing approach to try a new place.

At least include "no resort fees"   in the marketing offer language, so we don't have that first call to make, just to start the conversation with one another about whether we want to go or not.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Dewey, Elizabeth, Ron and Laura

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