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Friday, August 13, 2010

New Mathematics of booking

1.  Take the nightly hotel rate and add 12% (13% at the Stratosphere and downtown casinos).
2.  Take the nightly resort fee, add 12% or 13%   if tax is accessed on the resort fee, then add that to number 1.
Now you have the true cost of the room.
However, it will still be hard to compare.  Perhaps in the past you were just determining which hotel has a pool or not.  Now the pool, inroom internet, free water in the room, two for one tickets, and half a dozen other benefits may be included as amenities in the resort fee.  I suggest you simply list the value of the amenities that have value to you along with the total price you pay and then decide.  If you don't care about water in the room, skip that one.  If you like a pool and internet, list the status of those amenities at each hotel.  Don't forget to list them for hotels that offer them free.
If you like, you can assign each a subjective dollar value and then add that subjective value to the price of the hotels where those amenities are not offered.  True you won't actually pay the dollars represented in cash, but you will pay in lost amenities by choosing a cheaper place.

Well,  just a suggestion.

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