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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Atlantic City comparisons

Atlantic City has no actual resort fees.
However, that does not mean that when you get an e-mail come-on for $35 a night, you will pay $35 a night to stay there.
Let's do the numbers:

Standard Tax:  Add 14%
Additional Occupancy tax: Add $5 - $10  in most places per night .  Comped rooms are more: $6 - $13.  Only $1 at the Irish Pub.
When I called around on January 11, only Harrah's properties quoted $10.  Comped players pay $13.

Self Parking:  Generally, a one time $5 fee if you are a guest.  Beyond that you can come and go for free if you have a pass that you are a hotel guest.  Charged the $5 each new day, but if you leave the car and just walk the boardwalk, you pay only the one time fee of $5.
At Trump Plaza you pay $5 and get a one time complimentary in and out by being a hotel guest.  After that you pay unless you just leave your car sit and walk.
The Irish Pub has no parking at all available, but a nearby parking garage charges $7 per day.

Parking fees change during busy times.  It could be as much as $20 to park during busy times.  Caesars has been known to charge that.  If you have a card, then it is only $5.
Valet parking prices are extra.

So when booking, ask all these questions again.  Especially ask what the parking fee is likely to be when you arrive and how to minimize it.  It seems that this is the fee most like the resort fees, able to be manipulated by the casino hotel depending on what they think the market will bear.  Also, parking is higher at many places if you don't sign up for a player's card and show it, and much less or nothing if you play enough on your card to gain status and a new level or color or card name.

I am still working on getting more detail; however, in most cases, I hear from well bankrolled players who may or may not have the same experience as low rollers/live poker players who pay cash for rooms.
Here is an interesting thread on the topic:

My good friend Bigfus writes:

All the hotels in AC have a "tax" and "fee" charge.  This ranges from $6 to $13 a night.  There's no way around it.  I know that all the Harrah's properties are between $11-$13 and I think Resorts/Hilton, Borgata and the Trump Properties are $6-$9 a night.  Supposedly part of it is based upon the "Cost" of the room. (I'm so used to paying these fees that I don't usually note them.)  Obviously the whole $ amount is not a "tax" or they'd all be the same.  The Borgata will let you pay the tax/fee with your comp points if you'd like.   I haven't stayed at the Tropicana in years  so I don't know what their fee is.

Harrah's fees are probably the highest in AC but they give out the most comp rooms too. 

Parking is usually $5 a night (even when you are a hotel guest) but some of the props on the boardwalk raise and lower this amount based upon the time of year.  Saturdays in the summer at Caesar's can be $20 a day to park -- ridiculous. 

You get free parking if you have a premium card from the casino.  At certain times of the year parking is free at the various casinos.  They change it all the time. 

If you park at a casino and pay for it, you can get a receipt that is good for you to give to the next casino you park in within 24 hours for free. 

We "The ECLVA" try to park at the Claridge (which is a Harrah's prop) because you show your Diamond card on the way in, and they don't run it (which means you are not tripped).  The Claridge is in the middle of the boardwalk

This poker site lists a few casinos that give fee parking with a card.  I don't know how current the information is.

I'll keep collecting information.  In the meantime if you are going to Atlantic City ask all the questions you can at the front desk.  It surely is a good bit easier to settle these issues for a particular booking at a particular time than try some generalized approach based on whatever I gather here.

For the most frugal traveler it is possible to get $27 (plus tax) rooms at the Irish Pub, drop off the luggage there, and park at a casino nearby for just $5 for the length of the stay as long as the car remains in the parking garage.  Each time the car is taken out and used, it is another $5 fee.


Bigfus said...

AC Fees Update:

Bally's (in a comped Tower Room 12/2009 = $13 a night

Resorts (in a comped Rendevouz Room 01/2010 = $5 a night

Borgata (in a comped Main Tower Room 01/2010 = $5 a night

The Harrah's props stay the same (Bally's, Caesar's, Showboat, Harrah's) and stay between $11-$13 a night for a comped room.

I don't recall Borgata and Resorts being an even $5 in tax before, but that's what it was at the end of January.

Dewey said...

Thanks Catherine,

Nice to have up to date numbers.
I think that the best thing to do is to call the place we are staying and ask about the fees and the parking. It seems to change.

So odd that Harrah's game me $10 as a nobody, but comped rooms get charged $13 according to you and according to other posters.

Thanks for collecting.
I hope you collected some money as well