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Friday, August 13, 2010

Are you posting a trip report or deal?

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It used to be that when we shared a good hotel rate in a deal post or in our trip report, we merely had to mention the basic rate we paid.  We skipped the 12% tax because in any comparison shopping, it applied evenly so it could simply be understood.
Now it is important to share the total cost of the room, room rate with tax added to the resort fee with tax if that is applied.

Also, it is very helpful if the casino waived your resort fee to inlcude why that happened.  Was it waived when you booked using a postcard mailed offer?  Was it because you had a host comped room, or was it decided after your host reviewed you play and comped along with food and beverage and show tickets? 

Recently I have read numerous posts on how low hotel rates have dropped.  Many of them ignore the resort fee.  If Hooter's drops their hotel fee to $20, but keeps an $8.40 resort fee, it cannot be ignored if the central point of a post is to make real sense.

Savy Vegas travelers know enough to double check.  Newbies wandering onto a board and planning a first time trip may not.

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