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Friday, August 13, 2010


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 Does the discounter feel responsible to tell you the resort fee is coming?
I know that Vegas.com takes that responsibility, posts that list of casinos that do and don't have fees, as well as what you get for the fee, and notes clearly on your booking pages that this fee will be assessed.
Recently I have seen Resort Fees on the Hotels.com site, but only after you choose the hotel that has been advertised as charging a particular price.  Hotels.com adds it under terms and conditions.  For my nights at Circus Circus they list a $4.95 rate.

These discounters need to get their software updated so that Resort Fees are figured in their ranked list of cost by price.  The 12% tax never needed to be included because it was standard and so a wash in comparison.  Resort Fees need to be included UPFRONT.

I looked at i4Vegas for my April nights.   I found plenty of detail about adding money to get a little nicer room, but the Resort Fees were published way down the list.  Close to the fine print section.

Compare the marketing using such a practice of pushing the resort fee down to the bottom.  The room rate is in big numbers.  Even the rule that you must be 21 is noted in an early place in the list of booking details.
Resort Fees come last.
Booking.com says nothing about resort fees.  They do say they want us to pay the lowest rate, but they just ignore resort fees where I have looked.

Bottom line seems to me to be:  CAREFULLY CHECK THE FINE PRINT!!!
Where are you experiencing frustration with these hidden fees?  Let me know.  I'm interested.

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