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Sunday, December 20, 2009


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 So far Harrah's has not decided to charge  Resort Fees.

Flamingo for April 2010 charged me a processing fee of $10 for my phone reservation. I am there five nights, so it is not much for the use of the pool and for my first stay on the strip, so I paid it. I have since found out that this is only charged if I use the phone to book and it is not a resort fee.
When I booked another week in April at Imperial Palace, I could not manage it on the computer which kept saying I already had a reservation.
So I called to book. The girl told me that the computer reads bookings per month so that if we try to book two Harrah's properties in the same month, we will get rejected by the computer. So I called.
They booked me over the phone and when I asked, "So is this going to cost me the $10 processing fee..because the computer can't separate dates in the same month?"
"No," she said, "Since it was clearly a problem with the computer, we waive that fee."
If you call and simply indicate you are unable to book on line, perhaps they will waive the fee?
At any rate the processing fee, which may look like a Resort Fee, is just there to give an incentive to use the Harrah's online booking rather than bother them with phone calls.
Resort Fees are charged for every night of your stay;  these fees are not.

Most hotels also charge anywhere from $15 - $30 per person per night over 2 if you admit you have more than two people staying in the room. The fees for four people (two couples or a family of four) declared at check in would exceed the actual room cost at over half of Vegas properties on weekdays. from Viva Las Vegas

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