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Saturday, December 19, 2009

******************HOW TO COMPLAIN****************************

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What methods are there of protest?
Complain at the front desk. (While this is the weakest form of protest, this seems to still be working for people who find this added to their comped rooms or were not told when they booked.)
Complain in writing to someone who must answer.
Complain on public discussion boards and encourage others to complain as well.
Whenever you cancel a reservation, say it was because of the resort fee and say that in writing.
Put the entire hotel bill into dispute with your credit card company and let them wait for their money.
If you are trying to get it dropped, tell the casino you will dispute the entire bill with your credit card. It is more bother for them to go through that process than to waive the fee.

If you feel that the casino did not do all they could to inform you of this fee in enough time for you to change your reservation for a cheaper hotel, then this might be a good thing to say, and of course to put in writing:
"Fine, I'll pay this tricky resort fee that I feel has trapped me, but I'll not wager a dime in this casino. I'll go next door or down the street. While  I'm here, I'll enjoy the amenities that I have paid for by paying this fee.  I'll go on the internet in my room or to the fitness center. I'll enjoy the pool, and use up my points on free food, but I won't gamble here this trip. That will more than save me the resort fee and begin to establish me in some other casino as a good customer and one who expects fair play. If you want me to treat you as a resort rather than a casino, I can do that."

Mirage is apparently discussing the practice.  Here is a request for information in response to a recent letter of complaint:

My email address is dsteinbach@mirage.com. We are monitoring our guest comments about the resort fee and I appreciate you sharing your feedback. I will ensure they get to the right areas. 

And here is an interesting tactic. A poster on this discussion board had paid the fee and arrived back home before questioning it.  The poster copied and mailed the discussion thread to the hotel asking for a rebate and got it.


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