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Friday, December 29, 2017


 If you are reading this board, you are most likely going to be in a casino soon.  Could you take the time to ask these resort fee questions and relay the information gathered for inclusion here?

Am I being charged a resort fee with this booking?  How much?

Do you anticipate a date when this casino will start or stop charging a resort fee?
Are players with comped rooms through a host charged the resort fee?  Can they have the fee waived?
Are players who responded to free room postcard offers charged the fee? Can they have the fee waived?
Will how much I play affect my resort fee charge?
If I booked before you started charging resort fees, or raised the amount, will I pay what I knew at the time of booking or what I knew at the time of check in?

I will find it pretty hard to update this blog, so any information that you can send my way, would be helpful.  If there is something that seems confused about the way this issue is handled, let me know about that too.
Have you dealt with a discount broker.  How did that go relative to resort fee charges?  Did you think the charges were prominently displayed or hidden in fine print?  If you talked to a broker, did the person seem to know and be willing to share a resort fee practice with you?

If you write a letter to a discounter, casino, coupon provider, or post something on a discussion board, if you can also send that to me, it would be helpful to gather all the facts.

IMPORTANT:  If you do wish to share information with me, please add a note of clear permission to quote you and to use what you have written here on this blog and in any other places where I might write about resort fees as well as  permission for others to copy your writing and paste it on their boards or in discussion board comments. If you would like me to edit your writing for grammar and spelling include that in your permission. Tell me if you want a name attached to the writing.  Please no spam.  I am not interested in renting parts of this site to folks wanting to advertise a product or service.

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