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Monday, December 14, 2009

Collected Letters of Protest/Thanks

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I am starting to slowly write some protest letters and letters of thanks.

If you write letter in protest of thanks, paste it in the comment section of this post or send it to me. 
Each one models what to say. 

1.   In this letter, I am starting by seeing if another Vegas reporting regular will add this information to their fine and funny casino reviews.

open e-mail to cheapo las vegas

I have always loved your site since way back in the days of the old Gold Spike and your celebration of the little guy gambler.
Now a new ugly thing raises its head. Resort Fees. Consider adding that information to your casino reviews. It does require some updating, but there seem to be some folks doing that. I tried to collect them here:


note:  this was before I turned this post into an entire blog

Even your old favorite Gold Spike has a "resort fee". No resort amenities, just a hidden fee. Not like the old days of syrofoam plated egg breakfasts.Also, I'll link you in the favorites on my site if you like. Mine is just a blog. I sell nothing and no one advertises there nor will that happen.Have a good one. Watch out for hidden fees.

Letter to Gold Spike:

Open letter concerning Resort Fees‏

dewey hill (deweyfhill@hotmail.com)
Sun 12/13/09 8:43 AM

Well, I have been hearing such great reports on all the new renovations at your resort and had decided to give it a try when I come up in April.

Now I am rethinking my decision.

Why have you gone on the resort fee bandwagon?
It is not really the $2, but the idea that it is such a tricky tactic.
While the new renovation attracts, this resort fee repels.

And what exactly resort like do we get for the hidden $2? Pool? internet? laundry? business office use? gym?
I read that we get.........well...........nothing.
Guess I'll keep my El Cortez reservations. A bit more money perhaps, but I can count on few surprises except perhaps Jackie's unpredictable play at the poker table.

Dewey Hill 



I used to recommend you all the time, but you are failing to figure in RESORT FEES when quoting in fine print the price with taxes and fees. It makes a huge difference and completely makes the list by price function of your site useless and deceiving.

Gayle Evans, Kayak QA Engineer (225622.ee0@feedback.kayak.com)

Medium risk
Fri 12/18/09 4:32 PM
Hello, Thanks for taking the time to send us feedback about resort fees. 
We are aware of this issue and are working with our providers 
to get this information.  I hope you will still use Kayak. 
We not only read and respond to every feedback, 
but use this feedback to improve our products.

Thanks again, 
TO   gcm@tuscanylv.com 
January 7, 2010
I've spent a good bit of time telling my friends who are visiting Vegas that yours is a fine experience, easy enough on the bus without a car, large fine rooms, pleasant casino, rare access to laundry and a wonderful pool with internet.
However, it is hard to build much of an interest when the resort fees aim to trick them.  It is a hard, perhaps illogical, kind of resistance, but folks like very simple deals that they can understand up front.
With now almost the entire Flamingo/Blvd location shouting NO RESORT FEES think about going back to where you once were with the cost of the rooms upfront, clean, and simple so comparison shopping was not a mathematical puzzle and no one need worry that booked rooms will have a new price when checking in.
I stayed with you just a few months ago.  The $10 fee then was once per reservation, not every night.  Even that did not set well in that emotional part of myself that wants to feel taken care of and have a place to relax away from the daily grind and all the games played there.

Countrywide these resort fees have punched  the consumer in the gut just as they are recovering from a recession fueled by similar fine print trickery in the housing industry.
Folks who can still afford the trip to Vegas come to be taken good care of.  Treat us in the booking just as you would in the restaurant where we don't pay an extra fee for amenities like table cloths and napkins.

I'd like to be able to recommend your place again without having to tell folks to be sure, in comparison shopping, to factor in Resort Fee charges for things free at other places.

Thanks to Booking Advisor.com

I just discovered you site and like it very much.
I only wish it were possible to include that mathematics in the initial search and comparison so that accurate ranking by price could be accurate.
I work advising people of trips to Las Vegas.

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