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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Circus Circus Resort Fee Increase not there as of Jan 4


So much of this resort fee reporting is confusing.  As of January 4, there is no increase at Circus Circus over the dollar phone fee.  Operators booking rooms seem not to know anything that might be coming.
Meanwhile the discounters are reporting that Circus Circus will charge $3.95 or $4.95.

I wrote Vegas.com to see why they show a Resort Fee when Circus Circus says there is none, and here is their reply:

Thank your for contacting us. We checked with management at Circus Circus and confirmed that they will be charging a resort fee of $3.95 beginning Dec. 20.

Kind regards,

In December I wanted to check to see if the fee in Vegas was up and working as predicted on the 20th just to test Vegas.com on accurate information. I also wanted to test a theory from a poster on the LVA board that claimed anyone booking before the fee was in place for a time after the fee was imposed would be "grandfathered" in and would pay no fee.  Wherever this is true, at least when we booked, we could be assured that raises in Resort Fees would not be added later.

I called Circus Circus in December and so the resort fee had not been implemented, but

"That doesn't mean it won't be next week"
said my operator whose name I won't give since I don't want her to be bothered.

Then I asked her about this "grandfather" theory.
She said if I booked yesterday and the fee was in place in January (her guess as to when it might hit the computer) that I would not be grandfathered in when I arrived in April, but I would have to pay the fee.

I asked three times in three different ways and she said definitely, "No!" to the grandfather theory and added that she wished it would work like that because the way it works now she gets plenty of people yelling at her. She did say I could do what the guy in the last post did, call a manager, because he has the discretion to waive it. But that is no guarantee, is it?

Futhermore, she said that when Circus Circus  first imposed the dollar fee for unlimited calls, no one was grandfathered.

So there it is. I do have to trust Vegas.com's connection that they really know about the coming imposition of the fee, but Vegas.com has no reason to make that fee up or do any of the outher discount room brokers. It hurts their business.

And I don't care just about this one casino.
It is the practice. It seems to be tricking everyone into thinking that it is not a hidden fee likely to rise up and bite them at check in or check out.
The operator said she thought that resort fees don't work with any grandfathered protection in other casinos also, but she was wrong about that:

"Monte Carlo added a resort fee between the time I booked and the time I checked in and I was grandfathered. NYNY and Mirage also grandfathered people with reservations before the fee was instituted." from Viva Las Vegas on his list at http://www.vegasmessageboard.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50749&highlight=resort+fees
I'd like to hear the specifics of folks who have  been surprised with the resort fee and then been automatically grandfathered by the check in clerk as if that were the standard procedure.
Who has had that experience?
Where have you been required to call a manager to get the fee waived?  How long did that take? 
And who has been charged the fee regardless of complaining that it violated the original booking.

Circus-Circus in Reno is advertising with the slogan NO RESORT FEES.
You go, Reno!!!!!!!!! Hope this is the next trend.
Check out their advertisement:


Perhaps Vegas casinos are listening.

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